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Learning Enrichment

Our School understands that students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.

We believe that we have a responsibility to provide an inclusive learning environment where all students receive the greatest benefits from our programs.

Learning Enrichment shapes the way our School caters for and accommodates student learning needs. We use this model in a variety of ways to ensure we consider differentiation in Literacy and Numeracy Development and are careful to acknowledge and respond to individual learning styles and needs. Students are regularly re-grouped according to individual needs.

Gifted Education

Hills Grammar aims to create an environment with programs, opportunities and experiences which foster the development of gifts into talents and extends identified talents of students.

Our teaching program provides differentiated teaching and learning for gifted and talented students across the curriculum. Extension and enrichment groups are fluid and flexible to cater for the individual strengths of gifted and talented students and provide an opportunity for collaborative work with like-ability learners.

Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment affords students who have mild intellectual disability a program to meet their individual needs.