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Learning and Teaching

Deeper Water, Deeper Learning: Learning and Teaching at Hills Grammar 

As a Pre-K to 12 school on one campus, Hills Grammar provides the unique opportunity to travel smoothly through each stage of the educational journey. While each stage of learning and teaching has its unique qualities, teachers meet together as a whole faculty to share ideas and experiences to achieve a longer-term view of education. In tandem with the Student Wellbeing and Co-curricular programs, Learning and Teaching  is driven by the School Vision – Extraordinary Education: Extraordinary Individuals.  

Our whole school pedagogical statement, Deeper Water, Deeper Learning is the result of extensive research, consultation and professional development of our teachers. The statement informs the Hills Grammar community about our current approaches to Learning and Teaching, but also points the way to future innovations as the School strives to achieve its deeper purpose. We are conscious of both the reality of our mandatory obligations and preparations for high stakes examinations like the HSC, but also of the need to develop within our students the 21st Century skills which will facilitate their success in the world they will inherit. 

At the core of Deeper Water, Deeper Learning  is Guided Inquiry. Guided Inquiry remains the central tenet of Learning and Teaching from ECEC to Year 12 – acknowledging the natural curiosity of children and young people, whilst also engaging them in ways so they (over time) take responsibility for their own learning. 

Deeper Water, Deeper Learning

  • is a Hills ‘Original’ framework, developed by Hills Grammar, for Hills Grammar 
  • provides for academic rigour, challenge and differentiation throughout the learning journey 
  • offers a solid foundation to anchor Learning and Teaching  Pre K to 12 
  • ensures our students have access to innovative practice 
  • equips our students to meet the challenges of both school and future work skills 
  • prepares students for success in NAPLAN, the HSC and facilitates the successful transition to future studies 
  •  imbues a deep appreciation of, and for, lifelong learning 

We are committed to ensuring that, in accord with our Graduate Aim, the young people who graduate from our School will do so as confident, independent and autonomous thinkers and learners, able to take their place and contribute in the many contexts in which they will find themselves in the future.