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Professional Experience @ HG

Undertaking Professional Experience (also known as Practicums, Work Integrated Learning or Work Placement) at Hills Grammar School provides a unique opportunity for university and TAFE students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, allowing them to gain real-world experience in a supportive environment. Any education student who is interested in completing their Professional Experience with us is required to complete an application, which will be considered based on availability and suitability of placement positions.

The application process begins with the completion of an Expression of Interest Form, which serves as an essential first step for practicum placement as we aim to ensure the best experience can be facilitated that aligns with needs and focus. Submission requirements of the EOI include contact details, education course background, relevant experience, potential practicum dates and duration, as well as any specific interests or goals for the placement. Upon receiving and reviewing the EOI, students will be contacted to organise the next step that involves an onsite interview prior to an offer of placement being made. 

If a student is successful in being offered a placement at Hills Grammar School, during the practicum experience, students will be involved in various aspects of teaching and learning. They will observe and assist teachers in the classroom, engage in lesson planning and implementation, and learn effective classroom management and discipline techniques. Additionally, practicum students will have the opportunity to support extracurricular activities, including clubs, sports, and events, to enhance student engagement and holistic development. Professional development is a key component of the practicum experience, with regular feedback and support provided by highly experienced mentor teachers, alongside valuable networking opportunities with all staff and fellow practicum students. 

Completing a practicum at Hills Grammar School offers a range of benefits for university and TAFE students, including an enhanced understanding of teaching and learning processes, improved skills and confidence in an educational setting, and greater preparedness for future career opportunities in education. These opportunities can also extend to future Graduate Employment Opportunities such as the Hills Original Cadetship Program. 

If you wish to complete your Professional Experience at the Hills Grammar School, please click here

Alternatively, if you have any questions in relation to Professional Experience @ HG, please contact Sarah Warby, Leader of Professional Growth, via email sarah.warby@hillsgrammar.nsw.edu.au or on 02 9654 5369.