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School History


 A small Archive was established in 1990 under the Primary building (JS2) by Mr David Anderson (Head of History) and Ms Anne Maley (Social Sciences teacher) until the appointment in 1997of the School Archivist. The School Archive was then formally established 15 years after the School's foundation with the School Museum opening in 2000. The Archives and Museum is located in the White House, the original building used in 1983 as the School Administration and the original homestead of the Jackson family.  

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The Collection

The Archivist, of Hills Grammar  is responsible for the appraisal, selection and preservation of the school’s records, and for the arrangement, description, care and custody of these records according to the standards of archival and Museum practice. These records date back to the formation of Hills Grammar. The Museum and Archive play an integral role in collecting and preserving the history of the School as a significant development in the Hills District at large and more specifically for its present and past families. The Archives' collection contains items that document this history, such as photographs, documents, publications, oral histories, memorabilia, student works and ephemera. The Archive provides students and teachers with a resource that complements the curriculum, containing fascinating primary sources that are real and personal to the students. The Archivist also supports school reunions and special anniversaries, mounting memorabilia and photographic displays. 


The Archivist Kerri Genovese 9654 5260.

The School Museum and Archive are open most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Visitors and donations are always welcome.