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Welcome to The Learning Centre at Hills Grammar  - a place where professionals, students, and community members meet together to learn, connect and thrive.

The Learning Centre provides a vibrant, welcoming, and collaborative space for local, national, and global communities to share understandings, experiences, and expertise.

In keeping with the school’s vision, The Learning Centre seeks to provide extraordinary learning opportunities that inspire individual and collective growth. We partner locally, nationally, and internationally with community organisations and educators, providing a live and virtual meeting space where innovative ideas and blue-sky thinking can thrive.

Throughout this year, and into the future, The Learning Centre will develop and invite engagement in a range of programs and initiatives across our community through four hubs:

Leadership |Research and Practice | Teacher Excellence | Innovation, driven and inspired by our HG School Values.

To view the current program and see our exclusive guest speakers as well as register your interest, click here. We welcome your participation and contribution as we explore and enjoy our love of lifelong learning together.

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