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Our School Ethos

Our students 'Strive For Excellence' in all they do. In doing so, they achieve more than they believed possible.


Extraordinary Education: Growing Minds, Discovering Passions, Nurturing Character


To foster each student’s potential for greatness through outstanding teaching in a unique learning environment

Graduate Aim

Extraordinary Individuals: In partnership with our families and community and in an environment where wellbeing, connectedness, and high expectations matter, we enable our students to:

  • Embody the humanitarian values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence
  • Develop a deep knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of academic disciplines
  • Be open to growth and opportunity as they strive to reach their potential and beyond
  • Become adaptive, creative, and critical thinkers who face challenges with optimism and resilience
  • Value their local community and act and think like global citizens and environmental stewards
  • Embrace innovative technologies and develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Lead with conviction, courage, and compassion to make an impact in the world

Hills Grammar Original

A Hills Grammar Original is a student whose unique abilities are celebrated, who is inspired to discover their interests, talents, and passions, and who strives for excellence in everything they do.
In the words of the School Song, our Hills Originals reflect a “myriad of dreams and aspirations”