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All students at Hills Grammar are encouraged to take part in our sporting programs regardless of ability.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, students can participate in a variety of activities both individual and team. The range of activities has increased, offering even more recreational and competitive options.

The School is affiliated with a variety of sports associations that allow students to progress through representative levels in sport.

Junior Sport Representation Pathway
Hills Grammar    HICES        CIS        NSW State        National

Senior Sport Representation Pathway
Hills Grammar      HZSA        AICES        CIS        NSW State        National

The House system allows students from Kindergarten to Year 12 to participate in both competitive and non-competitive activities whereby students receive points for their house. Houses compete for the House Shield in swimming, cross country and athletics along with other events during the year culminating in an overall Champion House that is awarded at the School’s Annual Presentation of Awards.

Find out more about each House and their success in each of the Sporting Carnivals below.