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Who We Are

Right from the beginning, we were founded on innovative thinking and new ideas. At a time when independent schools were traditional, denominational, single sex, our founders took an entirely original approach to education.  They envisioned a school where creative thinking, creative arts and creative teachers took precedence. They wanted to provide an extraordinary education for extraordinary individuals. 

Hills Grammar opened in 1983, offering families an alternative -where students’ unique qualities and talents were highly valued. Co-educational by design, our founders believed that boys and girls learning together was natural and best prepared them for life after school.

We believe that education should be an active pursuit where students learn in a supportive environment with passionate and inspiring, teachers. We surround our students with positive ambitious people, the resources and the guidance to enable each individual to thrive.

We pride ourselves on being deliberately different. Now, for more than thirty years, we have been nurturing children and young people to be confident, accomplished and original.

Hills Grammar is distinctive within the independent school sector, we are a school at which students are inspired and prepared for the multiple pathways they will travel beyond our gates. At Hills Grammar each student is an ‘original’, anchored by the common experience of attending the School, and each nurtured by teachers who awaken passions and inspire the pursuit of learning. Our students are encouraged, and expected to ‘Strive for Excellence’ in all they do, and in so doing achieve more than they believed possible.

Hills Grammar is:

A vibrant community, united by the core values of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence (R.I.S.E), working together to develop principled individuals and committed to the wellbeing of each child and young person

truly independent; governed in partnership with its community and in the sole interest of its students, with no religious affiliation, nor governed by church or system

intentionally co-educational, from foundation; allowing boys and girls to learn in accord with their natural styles, but benefiting from working alongside others who learn differently, ensuring well rounded learners are created

proudly diverse and inclusive, composed of a wide range of abilities, backgrounds, strengths and interests, mirroring the national and international environments from which our students are drawn and in which our graduates will live and work

a contemporary, forward-looking and thinking school with a focus on learning and the learner, ensuring our graduates leave school appreciating and excited by the possibilities of education and lifelong learning, able to adapt, adjust and contribute to an ever-changing world.