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Annual Report 202130 June 2022
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From the Principal
The Annual Report is a public document, produced each year to provide the School and wider community with information about Hills Grammar during the preceding year of operation.
School Ethos
The School Ethos continues to guide our daily and annual agenda and importantly, anchor our culture, practices and strategic direction.
Enrolments Policy
Hills Grammar appreciates that every child and young person is different.
We had a very pleasing overall set of results achieved by our students with the return of NAPLAN in 2021.
We congratulate the Class of 2021 for their excellent HSC results.
Student Profile
Students become Hills Grammarians at different ages, whether they enter the Early Childhood Education Centre, Kindergarten, Year 7 or at any other point.
Staff Profile
We recognise that it is vital for staff to cultivate positive relationships with the children and young people who attend the School.
Student Wellbeing
At Hills Grammar we believe each child is an Original – with their own unique talents and passions.
Co-curricular Programs
Within the context of the School’s ethos, the Co-curricular Program is uniquely placed to offer a wide range of activities catering for a vast array of student interests, talents and needs.
Community Satisfaction
Hills Grammar is committed to listening to the views and expectations of key stakeholders and commissions independent surveys to provide performance feedback.
Parent Community
At Hills Grammar, we believe that our parents (and their broader families) are critical to the learning success of their children and integral to our learning community.
Governance and Management
Hills Grammar is a not-for-profit registered Australian public company limited by guarantee.
Financial Information
Revenues from Tuition fees and Commonwealth and State funding are utilised to meet Recurrent Expenditure.
Strategic Priorities 2021
In 2021 our strategic priorities were organised under four pillars – Outstanding Learning and Teaching, Fostering Student Potential, Unique Learning Environment and Organisational Sustainability.
Strategic Priorities 2022
At Hills Grammar, we prepare our students to be creative and confident thinkers.