Council’s mandate is to ensure the successful operation of the School. Though that’s generally understood, I and my fellow Council members often get asked by parents what Council’s ‘job’ is and what we spend our time discussing at monthly meetings.

The day to day management and operation of the School is delegated to the Principal under Council’s guidance. As the 'Board of Trustees', Council sets the direction, governs and monitors the School’s performance to ensure Hills Grammar remains relevant to our students and is sustainable today and in the future.

Apart from regular monitoring of the many areas of school performance and our compliance responsibilities, examples of the significant matters Council and its committees have worked on in recent times include:

  • Recruitment of the School’s new Principal after a thorough and professional executive search
  • Collaboration with leadership to renew the School's ethos (Vision, Mission, Values and Graduate Aim)
  • Strategic planning, including the development of a new strategic framework under which the School’s leadership is implementing a broad range of strategies. Council regularly reviews and monitors progress. Strategic planning as a process is never complete, and we will continue to devote substantial energy to ensuring the School’s strategies enable us to achieve our ethos which is centred on student wellbeing and excellence.
  • Collaborating with the Principal on reviewing and refining of the School’s educational offerings, which is work that was commenced over a year ago, and will continue through 2017. This review is far reaching and will have significant consequences for most, if not all, of the School’s operations.
  • Working with the Principal and school community to create a Campus Masterplan, the significant outcomes of which will be communicated later this year. The Masterplan will guide the enhancement and renewal of facilities over the next decade.
  • Reviewed and refined Council’s approach to governance and decision making. To ensure Council remains a high performing governing body, we have adjusted Council’s committee structure and developed and revised a broad range of policies.

While Council’s work is broad-ranging, one over-arching consideration guides everything we do; what will ensure the long-term welfare of Hills Grammar and the children we serve.

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions and you can get in touch with me here.

Charles Denes | Chair, School Council