This term we have welcomed quite a few new families to Hills Grammar and I must congratulate and thank our wonderful Class Parents for their hospitality and warmth in making the parents of our new students feel very much a part of our community. It is such an important role, particularly for mid-year enrolled families. Many thanks also for the great variety of gatherings and social outings you have offered to your year groups. A snapshot just of August/September illustrates this point; nine year groups from Year 2 -11 meeting for morning teas, lunches, Yum Cha, family ice skating and arranging for a group to give blood at Castle Hill – great work!

Our Class Parent Meeting will be held in the Pavilion on Tuesday 12 September. It would be great to see everyone there who can possibly make it. As well as a special guest, we will be given an update on our fabulous Fair, have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss how year stalls are going …. less than 4 school weeks out from the big day.

Upcoming Class Parent events include the Year 4 Lunch and Year 9 Morning Tea. 

Pictured above are some of our wonderful Class Parents helping at the Father's Day Stall. 

Liz Pellinkhof | Director of Marketing and Community Relations